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Item Policy

- IMPORTANT - Please Read Updated Policy on items -

We are constantly improving our policies to better serve you and provide a fun enjoyable swapping experience for everyone!


Please ONLY bring Baby / Kids items in New or Great Condition (teen and adult items are welcome).

Donated items must be folded & organized inside a reusable bag, cleaned, washed and in great condition. Items in garbage bags or any large plastic bags will not be accepted.

PLEASE bring a reusable bag to bring your items in and to shop with.

  *At check in you receive a swap pass based on the quality items you bring*

 Items that will be accepted: 

  • WASHED and CLEANED clothes, toys, and other baby/kids items.
  • Baby / kids items from ages 0 - 15 yrs old.
  • Toys and items that work properly and have no missing parts.
  • Books with no missing pages.
  • Items that are folded and organized inside a reusable bag.


 Items that will NOT be accepted: 

  • Worn out and stained clothes / items
  • Unwashed clothes and items
  • Items that are broken or have missing parts
  • Items brought inside a garbage bag or any large plastic bag
  • Items that are not folded and organized inside a reusable bag


Examples of how items will be ACCEPTED - FOLDED, WASHED, ORGANIZED:

 Folded, washed, and organized items in the bag