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Questions & Answers

When was Swapadventure established?

October 2013


Why become a Swapadventure Member?

  • FREE Swapping Events!
  • Swap & Shop for FREE! Get FREE children, teen, and adult items.
  • Enjoy GREAT Signature Incentives/Coupons at events and our website!
  • Enter to win FREE Amazing Raffle Giveaways at events and our website!
  • There is NO catch!
  • You have the ability to SAVE a ton of money! Put more money towards your Children’s College funds or your retirement!
  • Plus, more great new features coming soon for you to our website


Why go to a Swapadventure Swapping Event?

  • Great way to explore FUN venues
  • Receive GREAT Signature Incentives
  • Gather play-dates with friends and family
  • Socialize
  • Experience FREE FUN entertainment
  • See instantly and after where your donated items are going
  • Save time and be safe - don’t have strangers come to your house or worry they won’t show up for your Garage Sale/Virtual Garage Sale.


What do I have to do to be a part of a Swapadventure Swapping Event?

All you have to do is register to RSVP on our website for the event you would like to attend, and bring at least a shopping size bag of items of the recycled goods that you would like to donate.


Is there a limit how many swapping evens I can attend?

No, you may register and attend to as many swapping events you desire.


How does the swapping work?

The recycled goods you brought to donate at the event get organized, and when the swap begins you Swap & Shop for FREE! All items are FREE! There is no swapping limit! Swapadventure just asks to be courteous and take items you find for yourself or children.


What type of Swapping Events do you host?

  • Children’s / teen items Swapping Events
  • Adult items Swapping Events


What type of items does Swapadventure accept at Swapping Events?

  • At Children’s / Teen Swapping Events we accept new or gently used clothes, books, DVD’s, games, outdoor play, toys, shoes, small furniture, strollers, car seats, Pack'N’Play, etc.
  • At Adult Swapping Events we accept new or gently used jewelry, ties, etc. (specific items listed and may vary per event).


What type of items does Swapadventure do NOT accept?

  • Undergarments
  • Stains or holes on items
  • Broken items
  • Animal hair on items


What happens to the leftover items after swapping events?

Swapadventure donates the leftover items DIRECLTY to the children and people in need at various local and international shelters and orphanages. We do not resell any of the items, and Swapadventure takes the extra step to ensure places we donate do not resell any of items as well. We take and post pictures of the items we’re donating vs. the place it’s actually going to because it’s important to us you feel good knowing where your items are going.