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About Swapadventure®


Swapadventure® connects moms, parents of all age groups, and their families with live social events to swap, give back, and offer useful resources on savings, products, parenting, tips and expertise to help one another.

Swapadventure® offers weekly live social events in over 15 major city markets reaching thousands of moms and parents everywhere to offer massive savings, offer a great way to give back, and provide useful resources amp helpful tips.

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Here's what people are saying:

Ilona - Crown Point, IN
Swapadventure is addicting! Once you start going to the events, you can't stop. I have a goal to not spend any money on items for my future daughter. Before Swapadventure, I didn't even think that is possible, but I already almost have enough clothes for her first 2 years.
Jacqueline - Bensenville, IL
This is such an amazing event. Just to help out and recycle our children's old toys or clothes is amazing. It such a good feeling watching another family walk out with your old stuff to be used again! And not only that to see the pictures of it go to the shelters is even better! They have also helped my family with many things and to save money when We need it the most and I couldn't thank them enough for that!
Margaret - Cedar Lake, IN
It's a great community event to get rid of your kids stuff and get other items all for free. In the meantime, bring your kids to bounce at fun inflatables. It's definitely worth coming to a next event. I was able to get a stroller and infant car seat for my friend and lots of infant girl clothes. She's a 1st time mom and will be excited to get all these items. Again, great event.

Swapadventure® story

Swapadventure® has been established in October 2013 and Co-Founded by entrepreneur moms of 3 kids each, Angelika Babich and Maggie Pawelko, where the idea emerged from 3 simple concepts: looking for ways to save by swapping items among family and friends; having a trusted place to give back your no longer needed items without being resold; and having a fun way to connect with other moms and parents to help one another. The swap moms took their mission public by having live social events creating a win-win solution for moms, parents and their families to be able to swap-n-shop for free, give back directly to those in need with no reselling, and connect other parents together with best resources on the market and important information to help one another.

Angelika Babich and Maggie Pawelko, co-founders of Swapadventure®

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